Creamy Beet Soup – Healthy Diet


The Creamy Beet Soup is a great dish that looks spectacular and features many different flavors. Below is a clear description of the steps that should be followed when making the dish.

– Butter, two tablespoons
– Three chopped and medium sized onions.
– One chopped and medium sized potato that is well peeled.
– One garlic that is well minced.
– Two cans of beet that is unstained, sliced and weighs approximately 14.5 ounces.
– Sour cream filling the cup quarterly.
– Black pepper that is approximately a quarter teaspoon.

Steps You Should Follow

1.First Step
Ensure that the butter is heat in a four-quart saucepan ensuring that you use medium heat. The onions should then be cooked well to ensure they’re crispy and tender. The garlic and potato should then be cooked for approximately one minute.

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2. Second Step
The liquid from the beets should be drained and you should try to ensure that you reserve about one cup of the beet juice. The beets should then be brothed in a saucepan and ensure that you heat them until they boil. The heat should then be lowered.

You should then cover it for about 15 minutes until the potato becomes tender..

3. Third Step
Half of the broth should then be placed in a food processor or blender. It should then be blended and covered until it becomes smooth. You should then pour it in a bowl that is medium. You can now take the remaining broth mixture and carefully repeat the entire blending process.

Take the broth mixture to the saucepan. Carefully stir the black pepper, the beet juice and the dill.

You should then cook it using medium heat until the mixture is a bit hot. The meal can then be served with sour cream.